The Greater Purpose™

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The Greater Purpose

Chapter 1 & 2

The Greater Purpose is Aida’s most recent and authentic masterpiece. It blends her original insights on ones winning leadership formula with her own profound story as she navigated her own challenging journey into mastery. This book will be your powerful guide into discovering your inner-most passion and how to drive it into your most important work. The tools are time-tested by Aida to deliver outstanding results in your creativity and leadership expression.

Chapter 1 & 2​

For 10 years Aida has quietly been sharing with top CEO’s, entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders the success formula to leading and moving their teams towards greatness. She has created and perfected these time-tested secrets in this best selling book that has now reached the hands of thousands of people. Now you have the opportunity to kick-start your journey to formidable leadership by downloading the first 2 chapters of The Greater Purpose.

With these 2 chapters you will learn :

  1. How to establish strong, instant rapport with leading CEO’s, influencers and prominent decision makers.
  2. Identify your most powerful traits and harness it into work that will align with your passion.
  3. Begin in 3 simple steps, to chart out your most important leadership blue print into your work that will propel extraordinary success and self-expression.

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